Kafka drinks Coffee

Kafka drinks Coffee

July 10, 2016

"Theoretically there is a perfect possibility of happiness; believing in the indestructable element in oneself and not striving towards it."
Kafka, Reflections on Sin, Suffering, Hope and The True Way

"Kafka and the Upanishads"

  The Upanishads represent a collection of texts composed between the 8th and 6th centuries b.c. that contain some of the central philosophical concepts of Hinduism. They are said to provide us with a complete chart of the unseen Reality, to give us the most immediate, intimate and convincing light on the secret of human existence. Their ideas do not only enlighten our minds but stretch our souls.
Our event featured guest lecturer Peter Bolland, writer, speaker, spiritual teacher, singer - songwriter, philosophy professor at Southwestern College and well known instructor at the OSHER lifelong Institute at the SDSU.

We explored the influence of ancient Indian philosophical ideas on our modern world, and how some of those mystical teachings are connected with Kafka's writings, in particular his aphorisms, which resonate with many different spiritual paths.
Our beloved actor Byron LaDue read selected stories from the Upanishads supported by Kafka's aphorisms. 
 Thank you for coming!

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