Kafka drinks Coffee

Kafka drinks Coffee

February 19, 2017 - The screening of "The Trial"

"Coffee with Kafka had a new venue for screening the full length 1993 BBC
movie, The Trial, this past Sunday, Feb. 19th.  I started watching the
film after imbibing in the delectable spread of delicatessen style foods
that Elizabeth always provides and was glued to the progress of the
film's depiction of the helplessness the protagonist feels in trying to
obtain justice in the myriad byways of the government's justice system.
For me, it suggested that from a spiritual point of view, our human
journey on this plane of existence is just an illusion as we confront
our tenuous version of reality.  I can hardly wait for our next meeting
when we shall explore as a group the layers of meaning in this Kafka
literary tale while relaxing in Pan's garden setting."
Sandy Long 

"Magnificent movie, great acting by entire cast. Amazing to have Anthony Hopkins, Jason Robards and Kyle Mc Laughlin (sp). I saw Robards in NYC in Threepenny nine times in the fifties. I had never seen a performance like his before. The Trial is pure Kafka and I thought I would faint when the Parable was recited- the first Kafka piece I ever read. Looking forward to discussions."
Arthur Raybold 

"The Trial"

Special INDOOR screening of the 1993 BBC movie

Sunday, February 19, 2017, 5 - 7 pm

in Sherman Heights Community Center
2258 Island Avenue, San Diego, CA 92102 (map)

We begin our fifth year of "Coffee with Kafka" San Diego events with the film version of the classic story of Josef K., who is arrested one morning without having done anything wrong.

The screenplay of "The Trial" was written by Harold Pinter. The movie was produced by BBC in 1993, with an all-star cast including Anthony Hopkins and Kyle MacLachlan (as Joseph K). A short discussion following the film will set the stage for conversations to be continued in our future "Coffee with Kafka" meetings.

Suggested donations: $10
(Proceeds to Kafka Project are tax deductible).
Home baked refreshments, coffee, tea and wine will be offered.
Looking forward to seeing you all!
To reserve a place, please e-mail: Elizabeth(at)coffeewithkafka.com

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